Happy Diwali

Chasers would love to share the flavours from our family recipe with you and those you care about. Our individually packed collection includes savoury Chilli & Garlic Peas, Chevda and crispy Roasted Chickpeas that sit perfectly with our sweet Lakri Mithai. We've taken the time to create this Diwali Gift Box, so you can spend your time with those that matter.

Humble beginnings

It all started in 1987 with the traditional original, Bhuja Mix. Balbeer took our Golian family recipe and made it into the tasty snack that New Zealand homes needed. It packed a flavour punch and a healthier kind of crunch that’s had Kiwis going in for another handful ever since. We’re serious about making Chasers the best of both worlds for Kiwis, so our authentic Indian taste comes from New Zealand through and through. That’s right, it’s all made right here.

See the story unfold

Get your hands on our spicy snacks

Feeling a bit peckish huh? We’ve made sure there’s plenty of Chasers to go around. You can get your hands on our spicy snacks at most fruit and vege, spice and convenience stores around Auckland. Have a dig below to find a Bhuja Base near you.

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