Snacks that pack a punch

Everyone loves to snack, but we thought you deserved something better to nibble on. We brought back our Golian family recipes to introduce real good flavour to New Zealand. We’re in the business of making smiles, chuckles, relief and content. We’re proud to fill the bowl everyone wants a hand in. Can’t get enough? That’s normal.

Grab a handful

Indian flavours, local ingredients.

We’ve combined our family recipes with New Zealand’s fresh ingredients to bring you the tastiest snacks around.

From our family to yours.

Our spicy snacks are roasted right here in Auckland at our family roastery.

Loved by Kiwis since 1988.

We’ve been sharing the love one handful at a time for nearly 2 decades.

Bhuja Mix

A spicy, protein packed mix of pea flour chips and noodles, peas, and peanuts. It’s all natural here.
Our Bhuja Mix is Gluten Free, MSG free and GMO free.

Flavour Sizes
Mild 45g, 200g, 450g, 2kg
Hot 200g, 450g
Extra Hot 450g
Authentic 200g, 450g

Ingredients: Pea flour, peanuts, peas, colour (331, 332), vegetable oil, spices, salt.

Nutritional information (PDF)
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Roasted Peas

These crunchy green peas are grown in the South Island, roasted by us and mixed with a sprinkle of salt or our tasty chilli and garlic spices.
Our Roasted Peas are Gluten Free, MSG free and GMO free.

Flavour Sizes
Chilli & Garlic 80g, 200g, 450g
Salted 80g, 200g, 450g

Chilli & Garlic Peas Ingredients: Peas, salt, garlic, chilli, vegetable oil, colour (141).
Salted Peas Ingredients: Peas, salt, vegetable oil, colour (141).

Nutritional information (PDF)
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Thin but not flaky! This one’s our lighter mix, with thin Indian noodles, pea flour cornflakes and natural peanuts. It’s all cooked in traditional spices with a slight kick.
Our Chevda is Gluten Free, MSG free and GMO free.

Flavour Sizes
Mild 350g

Pea flour, peas, peanuts, rice, corn, spices, vegetable oil, salt, colour (141), cornflakes, curry leaves, chilli, sugar

Nutritional information (PDF)
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Lakri Mithai

These crunchy, ‘sweet sticks’ come from the Fiji Indian Diwali tradition. It’s a well loved favourite that’s found in almost every sweet cart as a go-to snack.

Flavour Sizes
Natural 150g

Ingredients: Wheat, flour, sugar, gluten, antioxidant (319, 330), vegetable oil, vegetable margarine.

Nutritional information (PDF)
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Potato Vege Chips

Our potato and tapioca flour chips are the lightest snack of all, with a hefty punch of flavour. There’s Hot n Spicy for the adventurous snackers, and options for a milder taste too.

Flavour Sizes
Extra Spicy 80g
Sour Cream & Chives 80g
Natural 80g
BBQ 80g
Chicken 80g
Spicy Tomato 80g

Ingredients: Potato, tapioca flour, wheat flour, potato starch, sugar, spices, salt, MSG, vegetable oil, flavouring

Nutritional information (PDF)
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Spicy Peanuts

These aren’t your average peanuts! We’ve roasted these following our super tasty family recipe to add some spice to your bite. The perfect chaser for your beer.

Flavour Sizes
Spicy 150g

Ingredients: Peanuts, salt, spices, vegetable oil, maltodextrin.

Nutritional information (PDF)
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Roasted Chickpeas

These crunchy chickpeas are our latest addition to the family, roasted by us and mixed with a sprinkle of salt or our tasty chilli or BBQ spices, these Chickpeas are here to stay.
Our Roasted Chickpeas are Gluten Free, MSG free and GMO free.

Flavour Sizes
Roasted 200g
Chilli 200g
BBQ 200g

Ingredients: Chickpeas, salt, vegetable oil, antioxidant (319,330)

Nutritional information (PDF)
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Get your hands on our spicy snacks

Feeling a bit peckish huh? We’ve made sure there’s plenty of Chasers to go around. You can get your hands on our spicy snacks at most fruit and vege, spice and convenience stores around Auckland. Have a dig below to find a Bhuja Base near you.

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